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  • Unique Frame
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Why we choose Aluminium Awnings vs Steel Awnings




Very hot - good conductor of heat     Very cool - bad conductor of heat
Drip tray on one side     Gutters all the way around
Lever system - difficult multi openings     Gearbox system - easy operation
Bulky, crude and heavy - fix to wall only     Refined, streamlined and light
Get ready with the paint brush!     Maintenance free
Five year guarantee     Ten year guarantee
Guaranteed to rust     Impossible to rust
Bulky and difficult to operate     Aesthetically pleasing
Friction reliant - can close easily     Fixed position

Unique Frame

At Altitude Awnings we install our unique fascia guttering system. 

Our gutters will assist the flow of water from the existing house gutter, through our multi-purpose frame and into the installed downpipes.

The uniquely designed frame eliminates the need for the commonly used splash tray.

Provision can be made for the inclusion of any existing or proposed braai section or any other feature you wish to retain in the area to be covered.             

Gearbox and Downpipes

Altitude awnings uses a unique stainless steel and brass gear box that offers easy operation.

The crank handle turns one and one half times, full open to close.

We install standard white PVC downpipes to assist the flow of water from the frame/fascia gutter.

We also install PVC gutters where non exist to assist the rapid un-controlled flow of water  from the roof on to  the Louvre panels, particularly if the torrent is from an upper storey.

Facia and Supports

Altitude Awnings offers a variety of colours for our aluminium fascia, which when fastened to the frame, introduces a selection of colours to compliment the walls and roof of your home. 

Our supports are either concreted into the ground or bolted and plated onto existing tiled patio. Either way, they remain ‘solid as a rock’ whether installed inland or at the coast.

Overlay Feature

At Altitude Awnings we visit the site to ascertain the needs of the client, often offering suggestions and various options that might not have been immediately apparent at the time of the project.

Full measurements are taken including digital photographs for examination by the factory manager, who examines the drawing of the proposed installation and enquires on any unusual features or additional strengthening that may be required for the awning.

If requested, a computerized overlay to simulate the structure is emailed to the client with the quotation.