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Our Guarantee to You!

We issue a ten year guarantee on the material used to construct the awnings and a one year guarantee on our workmanship. On completion of the work, we ask our clients to complete a strict quality control and service installation report. This document is taken very seriously and any notation are acted upon immediately.

The seller guarantees its workmanship and quality of materials used, having regard to fair wear and tear and furthermore provided a proper and acceptable manner and method of cleaning is used:

1. Against rusting, paint chipping or blistering for a period of 10 years for aluminium awnings from the date of erection or installation.
2. Against faulty installation for a period of 1 year from the date of erection or installation.

Provided that the Purchaser shall have notified the Seller in writing by registered post within 14 days of any defect becoming apparent. Although the awnings are designed to allow as little water through as possible, the awnings are not guaranteed to be waterproof.